Air Support + Ground Troops

I call this "Air Support and Ground Troops" because it works like any strategy war-game.

  • One to two weeks before  sales representatives (ground troops) are in a given area, highly targeted Pandora and Twitter ads (air support) are sent in to the area to prime the prospects with our messaging.
  • The representatives mention the prospects in a Tweet, in this case high schools they are visiting "Can't wait to meet all the students at Pawnee High, tomorrow."
  • When they leave, the representatives again mention the high school and any new contacts they have met, thanking them for their hospitality and reinforcing the in-person interactions.
  • The week after the representatives leave, they reinforce the message in the same way as the week prior, and add in an "Apply Now" call to action.
  • The process is replicated for dozens of college fair tour stops for two months.
Screen Shot from HubSpot dashboard for the Fall 2014 College Fair Campaign

Screen Shot from HubSpot dashboard for the Fall 2014 College Fair Campaign


This is the first time we ran this campaign, and you can see that it was quite successful in generating visits, and beat our expectations on leads. Leads could have been improved by shortening the contact form to three fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail address

The forms on the landing pages are under the control of the admissions department, which likes to gather 8-10 pieces of information. The reasoning behind this is that they like to get prospects into the snail mail workflow as soon as possible.

At the time of writing this, admissions had not provided a list of students who had had applied. As for the customer count, admissions does not mark individuals as customers in HubSpot, and instead uses an internal database.


The one plus to all of these visits is that they were all re-targeted via the search and display network.

This year we are improving on this part of the process by re-targeting with AdRoll so we can reach across networks.